Mobility and communication confession

Confession: I’ve deleted Facebook from my phone. I’ve also deleted Skype, email, news and games.  And with it, went the mindless checking, the endless ads, the depressing news, the dramatic updates, and the baiting trolls.

I feel unleashed, un-tethered, and physically lighter like I am walking in space.

untethered space walk

It is as if my phone magically lost the “freshman 15” and isn’t such a heavy burden to carry around.  I’m slowly moving backwards with my personal tech.  Nostalgic for the days of a flip phone – something used only to make phone calls and receive limited texts.

With the limit on input, I feel my internal monologue is quieting down, being-ness becoming more centered, and my wellness improving. Being able to have the mental space to cultivate self-directed compassion, kindness, humor and ridiculous ideas has once again started to flourish.

It has only been 2 days since I unplugged.

By creating the boundaries around myself and my connected-ness to the world, it has allowed me to have my time of loneliness without feeling as though I’m missing out or not up to date on whatever the latest trending twitter hashtag is all about. In just two days I have achieved an emotional stability that wasn’t available while riding the data-rollercoaster (especially lately).

But here is the biggest benefit: I miss my tribe.  With the missing, comes the priority to get face-time with my friends and family.  Because I am not inundated with status updates and drama, I look forward to the time we get to spend together in person.

It’s perfect timing too.  The holidays are a perfect opportunity to take a break and spend some time with friends and family.

My point is: Our time on this little rock is short, and I’m not going to waste it looking at a screen.


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