Gratitude Schmatitude

There is this gratitude bandwagon making it’s parade through social media sites. Some variation of “30 days of Gratitude” or some other practice in positivity, whereby one would post up what they are grateful for every day.  Normally, I’m all for positive thinking and gratitude, but these 30 day campaigns of gratitude are bullshit and they piss me off.

Really? So, for 30 days you are going to post up something that your friends (or clients or acquaintances) can “like” or “share” or comment or be a cheerleader for you about something that you are grateful for?  Yes, I get it, you are grateful for your house and your health and your pets and your food and, and, and…

But… what is your true motivation?  What is your selfish motivation for this vane display of “look at me and how grateful and blessed I am.”-type posts?

How about this:
Just start saying “Thank You” without some expectation of something in return.
(whether a facebook “like” or even a response of “you are welcome”.)

Try saying “Thank you” to the barista who hands you coffee at 6am when you are late for work – when they started their shift at 4:30am and have to deal with cranky people.

Say “Thank you” to the person who holds the door open just a little bit longer so you can slip in without having to shuffle what is in your hands.

Say “Thank you” to the bus driver who just seamlessly took you to work so you didn’t have to drive or walk or ride a bike.

Say “Thank you” to your mom, partner, neighbor, or friend whose real-life presence makes you feel loved, supported, or make your life a little bit easier because of their presence.

Did someone in your office bring coffee or donuts?  Say fucking “Thank you”.

Start living your life in a way that exemplifies what it means to have manners.  Be a fucking adult. Take responsibility. Wash your face, brush your teeth, and say “Thank You” when someone does something nice.

Practicing gratitude is not a fucking social media event, it is a lifestyle.  It is a choice you make in each moment to be thankful for the things that you are supplied with by the people around you.

Just make it a little bit easier on everyone and say “Thank you” once in a while.

It will help.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Schmatitude

  1. How do you start that habit?

    If you want to say “Thank You” to people all the time for random things, and hold gratitude as an ongoing presence in your life, a 30-day public kickstart is a fantastic way to manufacture that habit.

    But hey, thank you for the rant.

  2. Just gonna throw in my two cents…. I don’t much mind the 30 days of gratitude on social media. I, myself, along with my daughter count our “blessings” every night so dedicating 30 days to tell everyone is not very meaninful to me personally. As for the “thank you” part, I say, and mean, thank you all the time. I have noticed, however, that when I shop somewhere, at the end of the transaction when I say thank you, I get a ” no problem” or ” sure” or a “you’re welcome”. But RARELY do I get a thank you back. And it pisses me the fuck off. I just chose to shop your store, I was pleasant, spent money that helps you keep your job, say thank you mother fucker, not “no problem”!

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