What inspires you?

Who is your muse?

What is your source of inspiration?

Nick Cave said it best when he wrote, “My relationship with my muse is a delicate one at the best of times and I feel that it is my duty to protect her from influences that may offend her fragile nature.  She comes to me with the gift of song and in return I treat her with the respect I feel she deserves… My muse is not a horse and I am in no horse race … ”

Inspiration is not motivation.  A Muse can inspire, but cannot do the tasks. She is not “creativity on demand”, Inspiration is not pragmatic. This Muse needs a safe space to be captured and call home.  Inspiration needs an empty container to fill.  Inspiration is not work but can be coaxed in a direction because of the work you put in. Building this safe container is the work.  Creating space for the Muse to come and sit quietly by my side is my work.

If it was easy, everyone would be visited by this Muse.

Personally, I’m inspired by the seasons. The glorious turn of nature’s coat from the frilly frock of springtime to the deep jewels of fall.  The stark nakedness of winter and the stripped glow of summertime sunshine.  My Muse is my mistress and she wears a beautiful dress.  She is my life and breath, She is my death cloak and stokes the fires of passion that burn deep inside my soul.

What inspires you?

Who is your Muse?


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