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Spellbound Flowers

Hello Friends, fiends and fancy flower fans-

It’s the last day of Summer and Saturday marked the end of my wedding season- *whew* WOW!
I cannot wait to write the recap of this summer’s enchanting weddings that I had the honor of designing.
In was my second year as a wedding designer and I have to say I have really found my stride and style as a florist and my brides were the *BEST* in town ( and out of town…that Bellingham brood was RIDONK! XO!)

With the ushering in of Autumn comes a welcome wave of changes at Spellbound namely- that after 1.75 of daily duty the Petal Pusher is being curbed so that I may launch a larger cart and offer full service floral at Pioneer Courthouse Square.
The process had been plagued with stops, starts and “OHMYGODHOWMUCH????es
But everything went in to fast forward motion when I…

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