Adding fuel to strengths.

Recently, Erin Donley recommended a book to me called “StrengthsFinder“.  I have been sitting in a place of a personal “What’s next” for quite a while, and I asked her what she would do.  She said that when she was walking in my shoes, she found this book extremely helpful.

The book exists on the premise that if we added more time, attention and focus on our strengths, our lives will become more enriching.

I liked the sound of that.

So I bought the book. I did the quiz and got my results. Which I will share only because I love you.

Achiever – I have a great deal of stamina and work hard.  I take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.
(I think this is a common Capricorn trait – Goats like to climb… climb… climb.)

Relator – I enjoy close relationships with others. Specifically, I find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.
(Always take a swim buddy)

Context – I enjoy thinking about the past.  Specifically, understanding the present by researching its history.
(My first college degree was in History)

Individualization – I am intrigued with the unique qualities of each person and have a gift for figuring out how peopel who are different can work together productively.

Significance – I am independent and want to be recognized (and very important) in the eyes of others.
(I think this speaks to the Leo moon I have orbiting my chart)

So, I now that I have recognized all of these wonderful strengths, the tough part is now how to focus this energy and these gifts on some niche that is a source of personal fulfillment.


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