Goats are Awesome.

Goats absolutely fascinate me.

They can eat anything, their perseverance, hoofed mobility that finds them scaling unthinkable rocks,

Goats on walls

and hanging out in trees.

Goats in trees

I’m a goat-lady, a Capricorn to be exact. So, what comes with that is the intuitive drive for perspective and the sheer pleasure of an impossible job well done.  I know I do many things in life that seem impossible, that looks a little weird, but goats look weird when they are precariously balanced on the side of a cliff,

Wierd goats on cliffs

and yet.. .they seem to always make the impossible journey to the top.

An insatiable appetite for growth and always reaching the impossible is ground into my DNA. I’m still working on the understanding, patience and balance which seem to be required to accomplish such a feat.


2 thoughts on “Goats are Awesome.

  1. I LOVE goats!!! And the pictures you have are incredible. Baby goats are the best…I love how they bounce all over the place! So adorable! 😀

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