Light and Weight.

I woke up this morning to darkness. The sun having not yet crest over the horizon. My eyes adjusting to the next to zero light in the dark.

Does the darkness have desire? Does it need? Does it have the human-animalistic desires? What does the darkness want? Does it yearn? Maybe… maybe in the darkness there is still a need, a desire of creation in the void. A hope.


A person with light.
“Work the light”.

Work the light, bringing it to places in the dark, giving hope to the hopeless. Is a light-worker still working the light with all their joy and hope, when it never travels to the darkness. Is there an existence of a light-worker which is sheltered from the cruel and bad and dark of this world?

I woke this morning with these thoughts. I was laying in the darkness, eyes open and adjusting so I could see. Thinking about one thing…. my travels daily to the darkness. Not in some internal place, but amongst the people. I do my service on the streets and sometimes I am successful and sometimes I fail. I am still human. But yet, the fact remains, in my daily journey to and fro, on the bus and on the streets, most of the people I pass are homeless, high or need help.

I cannot help them all. The only thing I can do is sit there. But that is service in and of itself. The light I hold in my being (as dark as it may be), is still a bright sun, a beacon of hope to those I pass.

I know many people who pray, do ritual, meditate and do other things which feed their spiritual and/or religious growth. I see them becoming stronger. I see them grow. I watch them as they move from their house, to their car, to their work, to their friends all insulated from the darkness of the world.

Then I see a few, a few who venture out into the darkness with their little candle. They walk the alley’s and ride the buses. They create safe spaces and care for their fellow humans who thrash and rail and fight through life.

In a car you are isolated from everything around you. You are not touching the ground or smelling the air. You do not hear the wind or see the fine lines in the faces of the people who pass. A car isolates, a car insulates. If it truly is the journey and not the destination, then why are so many people in such a hurry to get somewhere.

Rituals, prayers and meditations are easy when they are held in a temple. They are easy when surrounded by holy relics and reverence. They are easy in the light of day, with candles and incense and all the regalia which goes with the holiness of any ritual.

But, they can be done, nay, they SHOULD be done in the darkness. The darkness is where the light is needed the most. The dark alley at midnight. The soft touch of love into the brutal bone-ridden slices of concrete within a city. The drug-gorged, rat-filled, garbage infested city veins. Unprotected, dangerous, and black as the night is long.
Bringing light to those places is the new level of service. A needed level. A thankless level.

It is by this measure our soul is weighed.

If society has a soul and it is measured by its weakest link, then the strongest should be helping, healing and repairing those who weigh the most.



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