TED Talks obsession

I have been on this kick lately. Every morning, with my cup of coffee, before doing anything else (check the news, facebook, shower, etc) I sit down and watch one TED Talk.

Just one.

18 minutes of listening to some of the brightest minds in the world talk about things they are experts in.

All of these talks are on YouTube, and all of them are free to watch. FREE! It is a free education on anything **ANYTHING** in the world you want to learn about from some of the best speakers/teachers/business-people/lawyers/scientists/etc, etc, etc in the world.

Then, I get in the shower and I critically think about whatever the speaker was talking about and how to apply it in my life. I have only done this for 1 week, and I am already starting to see the positive results this is having in my life, my relationships, my business and my entire world.

This is by far the best 18 minute investment I have ever made to myself and I encourage you to try it out. HERE is the TEDTalks YouTube channel. Check it out.

This is the video I watched this morning. I love it. I have listened to this a few times on a few different mediums, and I still can’t get enough. I will beat this drum of a business model because I believe this is the new way of working.


Watch it. Live it. Love it.
Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation


One thought on “TED Talks obsession

  1. I have been enjoying ted talks for maybe about a year now. they are really something everyone should view. really enjoyed this post and the ted talk. enjoyed your site as well.

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