There are 96 days left…. Do you need help?

A little over 13 weeks…. just 96 short days left until April 15th.
Yes… it’s that time again.
Calendar - Tax Day Circled
Do you need help?
Are you overwhelmed with the shoeboxes full of receipts that are stuffed in the back of your closet?

I’m here for you.


First – Take a deep breath. No… really – A DEEP breath, the kind that tickles your belly button and you can feel in your toes.

Second – Squish your shoulders up as high as they can go in your neck … tighter, tighter, tighter…. okay – RELEASE!

Finally – Make ten tiny circles with your wrists and ankles…. great! Now, change directions and do ten more tiny circles.

Feel better?

Here is the good news, tax season will be easier because:

1. You have started early! – Like now. It will give you three good solid months to gather, check, double check and triple your numbers before you have to send in your return.

2. You made a donation to something! – There have unfortunately been many disasters this last year, but the good news is you can claim any charitable contributions to disaster relief as deductions! And NO, contributions to your favorite political candidate (disaster or not), are NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Only donations to federally recognized charities are deductible, here is a great IRS Charity Search Tool website to help if you have questions.

3. You made a major life change! – Get married? Move? Go back to school? Make energy saving improvements on your house? Start your own business? All of those events qualify for deductions! Yay!

4. You have investments! Don’t forget it when doing your returns, lots of good deductions. If you don’t currently have any investments, but are interested in how this could help, go here for more information, they are great, knowledgeable people ready to help you.

5. You can always contact me! – I am here for you. Even if I have to come to your house and sort through the receipts myself, I will help you through the process.


Breathe – In through the nose, slowly, deeply, and out through the mouth. Close your eyes and do it again. Scrunch your toes up when you breathe in, and relax when you breath out. In and out. Repeat


Get up and go for a walk – Lift your arms over your head and swing them around. Walk and stretch and swing for at least 10 minutes, and tell yourself:

“I can do anything. I am amazing.”

Because you are.

Find more stress-busting tips HERE

And don’t make next year as difficult, manage your money better by following a budget. Need help with that? Check this out.


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