I’m obsessed with France.

Lately, I have become obsessed with France.


Perhaps because I have never been.

French food, french wine, french snark, and most recently Viva’ France in the form of Le Mis (along with sixty-billion-other-Christmas-movie-going-people).

Today in fact, I watched my favorite Al Pacino movie (Scent of a Woman) in French (it was dubbed), Amelie is next on the que.


2013 seems like a lucky year to have an obsession like this.

So, today, on this New Years Eve of 2013, I am declaring my 13 expectations for this coming year:

1.) I expect to travel to France.

2.) I expect to receive more money.

3.) I expect to continue to create more beautiful art.

4.) I expect to relearn how to play the piano.

5.) I expect to become more active in my lifestyle.

6.) I expect to continue to live a life completely full of love.

7.) I expect to travel to visit long-distance friends.

8.) I expect to do at least 4 book-signings/readings.

9.) I expect to travel somewhere tropical.

10.) I expect to learn basic conversational French (for/during my trip to France).

11.) I expect to learn conversational Spanish (for perhaps a little stop-over in Spain after I am done visiting France).

12.) I expect to continue to share delicious and healthy meals with loved ones which will nourish the soul as well as the body.

13.) I expect to smile and laugh every. single. day.

In summery, 2013 is full of happiness, travel, art, love, passion, great food and great friends. It is starting to sound like the perfect year!!  What do you expect to happen in 2013?

Because expectations are the better part of resolutions.

Have only positive expectations


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