Dear 2013, Manifest-This!

Every year people make resolutions they don’t keep.

This year, I’d like to try something different. I”m not going to make any resolutions, I’m going to make EXPECTATIONS.  Let me explain.  A few years ago, three of my friends and I got together and created this “Manifestress” group which was the perfect excuse to meet for tea/coffee once a week.  But here was the catch, on the first meeting, each of us described – with CLARITY what we wanted our life to look like.  It could be ANYTHING your heart desired.  There were no limitations.

Then, every week after that first week when we met, everyone in the group spoke to each other AS IF THAT “WISH” WAS OUR REAL LIFE. It was immensely powerful and amazingly transformational, and I think we only met for about a month to a month and a half.

Since that meeting, EVERY SINGLE ONE of us manifested/created what we spoke about in those coffee dates.  One friend got a book publishing contract with an option for a second book, the second just recently returned from Europe where she recorded a new album and performed and the third is working her dream job in a city she loves.

This weekly coffee date was immensely powerful and changed all of our lives.

I want to do that again!

So, I am.

With 2013.


And anyone can participate (the beauty of doing this online!)

We share what we EXPECT to happen in 2013, then keep each other updated as if those things have already happened (or are already happening), and watch the magic. It’s super easy!

Wanna Do it?

Shoot me a note!


One thought on “Dear 2013, Manifest-This!

  1. If anyone needs to reintroduce creation and manifestation back into his life it is me….what a great great idea to instead of have resolutions, have expectations….that is genious. I didnt even know there was an inpiration section here…I usually hang out down in humor….will visit again, thanks.

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