Time Tornado.

Standing at the precipice of the end of the year, and, according to some, the impending Mayan-fueled-zombie-infecting-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it Apocalypse. It is only appropriate to take a look back. Not for just reminiscing, but also as a reminder to how far you have come. What (sometimes thorny) path you chose, clearing the way, and touching the brangle-berry scars of your flesh.


I watched a Ted Talk recently about why you are who you are. Trying always to answer the age-old question of “Know Thyself”. The gentleman speaking was talking about wristwatches. He made a good point of saying – the face of the watch is not the watch, neither is the band or the hands or even the little gears inside. But, rather, it was the entirety of all of those pieces working together which made the whole unit.


Like you. Like me. All of the individual pieces (like our job, our hobby or even our relationships) are not us. It is the entirety of the package together who makes us who we are. Working together, moving. Same as in life. We must always be in motion for all the pieces to work together. Not that this is a profound thought, but the wisdom comes from looking at all of our individual pieces and putting them into the right place, putting them in motion, in our lives to serve us the most. Making our personal life-watch the most efficient/effective/happy/wise as possible.

So, I will take a look back to before the creation of time. In the brutal strength of darkness. In the thick, inky suffocating blackness, there was a call.

Fiat Lux
Let there be light.


A call forth for the brilliant flash of light. A call to create. From my lips, my breath, to the Universe.

My RE-creation moment, my light in the darkness, my love, and my breath began in Bali, Indonesia in April of 2011.
(I wrote about it in detail in my book Breathe – pick it up, I know you will like it.)

In May of 2011 I began to write, and published 6 books by the end of that year and marked the transformation process with a new tattoo.

dragon lady

Just in time for 2012, the year of the Water Dragon and the beginning of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Change is always a little bit easier when you do it in the water, so I was thankful to have the energy of the swimming dragon with me. 2012 brought me a a Feature Endorsement Commercial on a pair of shoes I loved, and a visit with a Pharaoh.


I wrote and published two more short stories, as well as the signature piece of 2012, my memoir.

Breathe was a book born out of the turmoil of 2011. It was published on November 10, 2012 (with a release party and everything). I have never been so proud.


There were so many pieces which came together to make it perfect.

A perfectly timed watch with all the jewels inside. A perfect moment in time. Clear. Calm. A silent eye in the storm of the time tornado.

2013 is coming, and with it will bring those winds of change once again. Are you ready?

Spare a moment in this Time-Tornado we call life and take a look back. A look at all the pieces which came together in harmony to make you who you are. The pieces which influenced your life. The things you love.
Then, armed with that knowledge and internal strength, march forward into 2013.


Arms open.

With the wisdom of the past and the knowledge that you can handle anything in the future.


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