It’s the moment between dress.

There is a special moment I’d like to pay homage to. That quick special moment between dress. The moment of getting out of your pajamas and getting dressed to get ready for the day and conversely, after coming home from a hard day and getting into your pajamas.

I love jammies (especially jammies with feet).
Jammies with feet

I love even more the in-between-nees. The moments between dress. The moments between breath. That is where the magic happens. It happens in this space when you aren’t looking. When your socks are half on and half off and you are trying to remember the grocery list and bus schedule and not trip over the cat.
reaching for a pen
It is in this space that the energy of magic, and inspiration, and creation comes in and wants to befriend you. It crackles on the air like fire, and you hop around desperate for a pen to write it down before it is gone again on the next breath.

It is the moment between stress and relief. Between naked and clothed, between routine and adventure.

Find your magic place and take it inside of you. Take it in deep.
Swallow the magic with your skin.

Even if it takes you to places where you exist half-naked.

Because Half-naked is the better part of clothed.


One thought on “It’s the moment between dress.

  1. “Half-naked is the better part of clothed.” Love this.

    It is in those inconvenient moments, when we are looking to clothe ourselves, that the Muse drapes a poem around our shoulders.

    The challenge we have, as humans, is to drop what we are doing and accept the gift.

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