I just sit here breaking….

Breaking rules, breaking pencils, breaking hearts, necks, mirrors, Breaking Bad and that God-Forsaken Breaking mutha-f-lovin Dawn.

Breaking through.
Through silence and fear, uncomfortable conversations and distance.

Breaking through writers block and waves and sound barriers.

My book broke these things. It broke skin and memories, boundaries and comfort-zones.

Just like a Breath breaks through the surface of water.



This memoir was the stitching of time, the stitching of those broken pieces together in the currents of life.

It is not Chronological. It was those cacophonous broken pieces of memory put back together to find meaning.

It is poetry and hope.

It is acceptance and love.

It is defiance and death and all the things in life which break, and it is the courage to put those pieces back together.

I have broken champagne bottles, expectations and pride as reminders of this journey.


To date, I have signed every single book that has sold.

I must have broken some sort of record in that…

Did you get yours?


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