Great Conversations.

I’ve had a few great conversations in the past week. Conversations that I’m sure at one point or another, you have had. It is those life-questioning conversations, the ones that tickle the depths of your skull. The ones that burrow deep into your marrow. The ones that hop onto your skin and scurry along with you like some invisible sidekick.

invisible friend

Conversations that bring along epiphanies and life lessons. Things I like to share.

Them: “In life, you have good stuff, you have bad stuff, and you have more stuff.”

Me: “I can fit all my stuff in a 40lb backpack”

Them: “Oh good, that means that you can get up and leave any time you want”

Me: “Leaving has never been my problem.”

Conclusion: I love new adventures. I love the excitement of the unknown. I love leaving and being missed. I don’t particularly love routine.

Which led to another conversation:

Them: “If you can get here, I will be sure you have a place to stay, food to eat, sunshine to lay in, waves to listen to, and awesome music to dance to”

Conclusion: I’m not a big fan of the cold, rainy, dark, grey that is Seattle. It is wonderful in the summertime, with all the tourists and sunshine. Everyone is happy to chat and share and have a pint. But in the winter… the tourists leave and Eeyore’s cloud looms large.


I was looking at doing a writers retreat anyway. I finished and published my book, I have taken a bit of a breath, and am ready for a new adventure.


Sometimes I need to get away for a while, and into the sunshine to stoke the fires of passion and inspiration.

AND… If there is one thing I know, it is hard to start a fire in the rain.

Fire in the rain


2 thoughts on “Great Conversations.

  1. Sitting at my kitchen table and observing a literal downpour of rain (I live on the north end of Vancouver Island) I sure get what you’re saying about the cold, dark, rain. New beginnings – love the photo – who says you can’t get that flame going right through the downpour.

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