Art is Messy.

Art is messy. It is perfect. It is everything.
Like life.

One of my very favorite artists in space/time is Jackson Pollock. His Number 1 piece is my all-time favorite (called Lavender Mist), I could stare at for hours.

It is complex, mesmerizing, deeply rich and forgiving. It is fractals and joy, madness and brilliance all held on canvas. It is ravishing and infinite, AND in the words of Time magazine critic Robert Hughes, “It is impossible to make a forgery of Jackson Pollock’s work,” It is a telling comment that gets to the heart of Pollock’s authenticity as an artist.

I want to be an artist like that.

Brilliant and messy, mad and deeply rich, forgiving and ravishing, and, and… infinite.

My most recent piece of work was recently described as:
“Raw, powerful and real.”

It was described as a Hero’s Journey.

Check it out for yourself, I try and let my body of work and my life speak for itself….

It is messy.

Welcome to the madness.



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