It’s Out! Thank you!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who made it out to the book release party, and even a few that didn’t (but sent their well-wishes). This last year of writing has put me *and many of you* through the wringer. You were there, you know. You might have thought I was writhing in ecstasy, but in truth, most of the time that was just me sobbing in a corner.

When I started this book, I never intended anyone to read it. I was just trying to stitch back and forth, past and present, desperately hoping the seams would hold into some sort of future. These memories which are encased in a beautiful cover were held as close as atoms whooshing in my being-ness. Small stories held in my particle-ness. This is a thick, artistic expression of an intensely personal and chaotic journey and writing this book carried tremendous peace on its wake.
Especially now.

Especially today because it is finally released.

Thank you.

Each of you for making it possible.
Speaking of a beautiful cover, I’d like to introduce two people who were brave enough to be the face of this little journey. Micah & Bree Reese. This is Micah’s beautiful photography, please enjoy it. Bree is the face of courage on the cover of this work. Thank you both for everything you have done, especially for someone you never met until the night of the party!

Allen Sparks, the genius of design. If the devil lived in the details, he answered to you on this one. Thank you and your lovely wife Jules for all those late nights.

(Here is a great picture of Allen, myself and Micah)

Brandy Grey, my editor, who was the force of completion. She waded through the illogical process that is this writing machine. Because, let me tell you, writing a book like this is Not a logical process. Ideas and memories do not come forth on a schedule. Writing alone, in a quiet secluded room is safe, it is the perfect secret space of self, but Brandy taught me a very important lesson. She taught me that although words have power, silence in the face of fear can destroy even the most articulate. She taught me that we are all “United in our pain and broken dreams, our laughter and our fear.” AND she taught me that even though my memories, struggles and triumphs were personal, they were also universal.

So I broke all the rules of writing and forged ahead.

Forged ahead through fear and nervousness, courage and bravery, sunshine and darkness.

The poet Rumi once wrote:
“The wound is the place where light enters you.”

Peter, Thank you for holding that light. Thank you for the reflection and thank you for the reminder to Breathe. You have been my sun on those days which were dark and rainy. I couldn’t ever promise you much, but I can promise you a hit of something awesome, where you will trip balls for a lifetime. Although I have heard the hangover is quite fierce.

I love you all and couldn’t have done this without you.

So please, enjoy. This book is for you, for me, for the darkness and the light. It is for everyone struggling, for everyone who has ever wanted a little release, or breath of their own.

Ask your local bookstore if they have it (support local businesses first! Powell’s has it in stock.) If not, You can order it direct from my publisher here
Amazon has the paperback and Kindle versions,
Barnes & Noble has the paperback and Nook version.

Order your book, I’ll be happy to sign it next time I see you.

p.s. I do still have a few First Editions left, so if you are interested in one of those, please shoot me a note.



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