The First Review is in! – UPDATED

Here it is, the very first review of my upcoming memoir Breathe.
Please join me for the release party on November 10th!

****** As reviewed by the East Oregonian ********

For Rae Jones, who started training as a competitive swimmer at the age of 8 in Hermiston, the words under water mean many things. She learned early on that being under water was safe, and secret, and quiet, and she taught herself to hold her breath for much longer than most people can. Under water was a refuge that few people could invade. Jones turned to this refuge at age 15, and began a lifetime of lies and submerging herself under whatever was available to escape reality.

“Breathe” is a journey through the shallow waters of relationships, the crashing waves of leading a double life and the black deeps of depression, loneliness and despair. As most memoirs do, this book exposes the roller coaster ride of her life — but unlike most, Jones keeps the names of the others involved to herself; it’s an expose, all right, but the skeletons in the closet belong to her alone.

This is a tale of despair and redemption, but if you’re expecting a fairy tale ending you’ll miss the point. When you’ve plumbed the absolute depths of what you are, and confronted what you find, you have two choices: you can embrace the safety of the deep or climb to the surface and … breathe.

“Breathe: A Memoir,” by Rae Jones. ©2012, self-published. Softcover, 244 pages. Retail: $14.95. Available after Nov. 10, 2012. For more information about the author, visit

This review made front page news of the East Oregonian today!!!!


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