October is a time of orbits

An excerpt from my upcoming book Breathe

(which you can pre-order here).


“October in the desert is full of Indian summers, shadowy figures and light dancers. It is full of hauntings and autumn leaves. It is the marriage and synastry of hot summer days and cold nights. It is the smell of death and summer dust being burned away with the fields. Plump harvest, slaughter and dry lightning. Watermelons and warm rain. It is glistening bruised sunsets and florescent pink-orange dawn. Back and forth, waves of an oceanic desert.

October is a time of orbits.

It is the smell of crisp leaves, crinkling and dancing down the street with the breeze. It is football season, high school dances and dress-up. Faces of created and hollowed out ghouls await with heavy anticipation of dusk and the lighting of a fire in their bellies to beacon forth those masked and caped.

October, a time of elliptical orbits and climactic points. A time where decisions reverberate through my space with more weight than mass. A month of death and performances, thunderstorms and perfect Indian summers. A month of ghouls, crispy pies and see-through leaves.”


I hope you can join me at the Release party

I hope you will buy my book when it comes out.

But most important, I hope you enjoy this beautiful orbital month of October.


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