We are all in this together.

There are some truths in life and death.

First is, We are all in this together.
We are together in this human experience and united in all of our disappointments, laughter, fear and as my (fabulous, amazing, unbelievably gentle) editor pointed out, even our pain and broken dreams. In my life, 90% of the time when someone asks “What happened?” They really didn’t want to know, but more importantly, I didn’t want to tell.
Until now.
Until I was shown by a few amazing people that YES, we ARE all in this together. Then I had the strength. Strength reflected from them. The strength, bravery and courage they showed that propelled me to write and expunge the secrets of my soul. Secrets I had carried around in life like stones in my pockets. This book Breathe is honest, raw, real and as my editor has reminded me time and time again, that honesty and truthfulness is powerful.

Second, you can never escape death.
Someday, sometime every singe person will have to face it.

Why do I bring this up? Because, obviously, as you might have heard, I just finished my memoir. (Usually, one would write something like this at the END of their life. See the correlation here?)

Anyway, I am really excited (nervous, scared, happy, anxious, etc, etc) it is being released (worldwide!) on November 10, 2012 (You can pre-order a copy HERE)

I have been asked (or heard):
“What is this book about?”
“You don’t seem old enough to write a memoir, why should I read it?”
“I don’t know you. Why should I care about your story?”

This is what I have to say:
The book is about life. See Truth #1 (above). My experiences are your experiences. We have shared the same breath, the same flesh, bones, water and the same giant water covered rock which floats through the infinite space of our universe. AND… we will all share in death (see point #2). The number of years alive are never correctly reflective of the number of life-altering experiences.

As of today, there has been only one person who has read this book in its entirety…. my beautiful and amazing editor Brandy Grey. AND She was gracious enough to write me an editor’s note to add into the book. Here is a small excerpt of what she wrote:

“I read it in one sitting. It was dismantling and wry – but not affected or contrived. Structured in the cacophonous moments we sweep away if we can until our chaotic, adrenaline-filled last breath of air, when all things come full circle. This book is not just a collection of transgressions, mistakes and triumphs. In Breathe, Rae Jones walks the threshold between the dead and the living.”

She has been tough with me. Pushed me to my limits and hugged me when I needed it. She smashed through bottles of Champagne with me when I couldn’t do anything else.

If you are interested in this story, you can pre-order HERE (All pre-orders will be first-printing, signed copies).
You can join me in the BIG release party in Portland on November 10th

Even if you can’t make it, even if you aren’t interested, please raise a glass on that day to all of those who share our same space rock and never get a chance to tell their story.


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