It’s election season…..

It’s election season.

Which means there are passionate people with legitimate causes shouting the holy scripture of socialism to believe’rs, and hope’rs, and change’rs. GO VOTE!

Good luck.

To both of you, all of you, the world of you.

The world. Of you.

The world is a big place. A giant, beautiful, wonderful place. The world is full of mystery. Adventure. Love and incredible sadness. Our world brings us together under one sun.

My mother taught me to never discuss politics, religion or sex over the dinner table. AND, although I never really listened to my mother, it seems as though, that is the only thing everyone is talking about. Guess I won’t be invited to dinner any time soon.
Oh well. I wanted to take a bath and paint my toenails anyway….

…and just wait until my partner comes home so we can have dinner together and worry about our IRA’s, and our supply of white gas.


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