Writing muse.

I have read a lot of memoirs over the last few months. I think of it as a form of ‘research’ as I am writing my own. I listen to the stories, analyze how they are told, the cadence and the depth and particularly lately, how the ‘endings’ happen.

I read for the truth and honesty in the words, I look for the alliteration, metaphors and colorful descriptions which can take the words to a deeper place.

I have read all sorts. From Spygirl to Bossypants (both I did not enjoy at all), to Chronology of Water to Unbearable Lightness (both were incredible/amazing/straight from the heart must-read type of books!), even to Stephen King (the King. Enough said.). The pursuit of reading these memoirs and living another person’s journey has been a fun little adventure as I walk down the same road they have cleared.

In a couple weeks I meet with my photographer, my graphic designer and my editor. I scout locations for a book release party and start contacting people who will determine whether my own prose will receive a 1-star or 5-star review (or hopefully somewhere in between).
And… I start shooting the book trailer.
All while keeping two jobs and a house-hold together, not to mention doing the 100+ pages of re-writes and edits on the entire manuscript.
That should be fun.

… and I’m actually looking forward to digging into the manuscript again.


2 thoughts on “Writing muse.

  1. I’ve been reading lots of memoirs lately as research/inspiration for my memoir and master’s thesis project. Have you read “A Three Dog Life?” My favorite of all the ones on my bookshelf. (Not a fan of “Bossy Pants,” either.) Jane

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