2nd Draft

The second draft of my upcoming book is due on Saturday. It is coming along nicely, but yet I always seem to push it until the last minute. I flirt dangerously with the deadlines. Apparently I like the thrill of the pressure. But I have to tell you, there have been a thousand times while writing this that I have wanted to quit. A thousand times I have wanted to throw my laptop out the window and get a desk job because it would be easier. Because a desk-job would pay my bills. Because a desk-job would give me some sense of security and immediate gratification.

Then I think…. NO.
I couldn’t do that.
Because of you.

You believe in me. You have supported me and loved me and encouraged me and bought my silly little books to keep me going. You have challenged me to pursue my dream. You text me at absurd hours of the day with random thoughts of encouragement and take me out for food or drinks when I’m being a little crazy. You have sacrificed and loved and been loyal. You are near and far.

Thank you.



I will never quit.
I promise.


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