Ghosts and Writing.

I’m writing a memoir and nothing gets to to confront your ghosts of Christmas past like a memoir. It’s been a fun and exciting experience to go through old memories and tie them together with an undercurrent of theme.
And yet, as quickly as ghosts pop up from my past, ghosts are popping up in my future.
I’ve been ghostwriting.

I’ve been helping people write the books that they want to write but just either don’t have the time to do it, or just can’t seem to get the words and story from their minds onto the paper. I help them organize their thoughts and walk with them through the entire process.

The bonus for them is, they get all the credit.
The bonus for me is, I get to continue to write (on my own schedule) AND I get to help others find their voice.

If you are considering hiring a ‘ghost’, there are a ton of really great resources online of things you should know. Like this, here, are four excellent questions. Be sure you have a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement (with retainer) in place before you start talking about the scope of the project. That protects both you and your ghostwriter. Then decide what you want help with. Do you want help with just the outline or proposal? Do you want help writing a full manuscript? Or perhaps you just want help with the editing and publishing process. All of these things a ghostwriter can help you do.

Basically, a ghostwriter is like a ‘life coach’ for publishing. They work hard behind the scenes so that you can shine your best.

To date, I have published eight of my own books, with three more on the way. This doesn’t include the four other projects I have been silently and secretly working on with others. I am beginning to know this process of writing, editing and publishing intimately and am very proud of the work I put out.

If you are interested in hiring a ghostwriter, but have some questions, feel free to shoot me a note. I also have a basic ‘price sheet’ which outlines services and costs I would be happy to send over.

Everyone has a story to tell, it is just a matter of finding their voice.


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