Death is (sort of) a Bitch to talk to.

I recently committed to write an introduction for a book of photography.

The book is based upon the works in an international art show which has been traveling the globe and just recently had it’s 25th exhibition in Seattle, Wa. (The book will be published sometime in the summer of 2012 and is called “A Book About Death”)

…and so, Death came knocking at my door.

I said YES and let it in, before I knew how extensive the project would be. Where it would take me emotionally, physically and mentally.

… and it inspired me.

It forced me to dig deep.

It took me on a journey I couldn’t quite explain, but found the words in early morning coffee cups and maniacal clattering keyboard strikes.

Please enjoy.

For, A conversation with Death always comes at a price, and I have paid in full.

Available now for only $.99:



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