A Side Note. **Updated**

This is not really ‘on the side’. Rather, it is on the fore-front of my mind most days.
My sister is in Afghanistan.
(I mentioned her once in a post here)
This is her:

I’m gonna preface this by saying, she is kind of a Bad-Ass.
This is my favorite picture of her … ever.
I think she just cleaned out a group of guys after a poker game.

Listen, the woman not only takes a gun on a plane, but also poses with the pilot…. see…


She is over there as a MP/Medic, and just got transferred to a new base. She is ‘out and about’ every day with her unit (of the 16 people in her unit, 12 are women (they call themselves the ‘Vagina Warriors’! YAY you go girl!). And spends most of her time traveling around in the truck, helping the local people and away from ‘base’.

I just got an update from her and wanted to share with everyone. She said it is a bit like Burning Man over there, only without the naked people and without the music and without the fairy wings and glitter and art cars and pretty much everything else that makes Burning Man… So, it’s not really like Burning Man other than they are out in the desert/mountains with little outside interaction.

I love that girl, and think that the ‘war’ over there is Bull Shit. But, I support her because that is what sisters do, and wish every day that she has a good day.

She said things are going well, but the MRE’s taste like shit. So, in case you felt a personal need to support the loved ones who are over there (even if you don’t agree with WHY they are over there). She loves getting packages and rarely keeps anything for herself, but shares with her unit, camp and other people they interact with. They don’t have a lot of ‘personal space’ for fun things like teddy bears and fairy wings, but here are a few ideas of things to make her (and her Vagina Warriors) happy.

Travel size camping/Burning Man type items:
Hand sanitizer, lotions, sun-screen, Chap-stick (with sunscreen) – but remember – TRAVEL SIZED. (not Costco sized) They like to put this stuff in their pockets to use (and give away) while they are out and about.

Snacks – (they love the snacks)
Small individual packets easy to carry in pockets while in trucks, things to share with “truck-mates”.

Fruit roll-ups / fruit bites (strawberry is favorite..but any will work)
Trail mix
Nuts – almonds, peanuts etc.
Hard candy – wrapped try to avoid chocolate in the summer months
Peanut butter and or cheese crackers
Cookies – mini chips ahoy….etc.
Crystal light – strawberry is favorite, any berry, or other flavor…lemonade is not her favorite…but said she would share – this will improve the taste of the water!!!

Please don’t send anything that takes up unnecessary space (I made that mistake), but just the ‘necessities’ (like the stuff on the list above).

You can send it to:
Spc K. Jones
1186 Military Police Company
Camp Phoenix
APO AE 09320

She will make sure that it all gets shared.

One more thing.
Thank you for keeping her and all of her friends in your good juju wishes and thoughts. Thank you for all your love and support of the families who are left in the United States waiting and wondering about their loved ones overseas (not just in Afghanistan, but all over the world).
Thank you for doing your part to make the world a better place.

Just got a couple of pics from ‘Docta Jones’
In camp:

And out and about:
(I love this picture because – THERE IS NO GUN! In my humble opinion, she really is more of a humanitarian than an GI Joe.)


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