The Moon is my Goddess

“The moon enters stoic Capricorn today and begins its waning crescent or last quarter phase before becoming new on the 21st. People will be more subdued and less outgoing than during the previous sag moon. Pluto cozies up to the moon today, so If there is something that’s been bugging you lately, you’ll be able to get to the heart of it. Later, hard work and long term goals will be the theme especially when the moon begins squaring the Aries sun and Saturn in Libra tomorrow night. If there is something you want done over the next couple days, just do it and keep busy. You’ll be able to relax again when the moon hits Aquarius this weekend.

Capricorns work hard against impossible odds and seem to age in reverse. If anyone has that timeless quality, its this Cappie, Sade. With her moon in spicy Aries, she truly is a soldier of love.”

–Mikey See


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