I am ‘Selected’. YAY!

Recently, I signed up for the ‘Amazon Select’ program. Which means… well… I’m not sure exactly. Other than from now until sometime in July, Amazon has ‘selected’ me.
Maybe it means I win a super secret special prize?

But, I think that all it really means is that from now until July, my books will be available EXCLUSIVELY through Amazon. (See, click right here)

(Enter the obligatory break-up conversation: “Sorry Barnes & Noble, but I think we need a break. I mean, I’ve been seeing other booksellers and I really want to give this one a chance. I see potential long term with them that I just don’t see with you right now”)

I’ve been happy with the ‘Selection’ process, selling/lending and giving away over 1,000 copies of ‘How to Create Wealth’. It was even an ‘Amazon Best Seller’ for a couple of days. So, if you haven’t checked out my shop, do it today. 😉

How to Create Wealth (2011)

“Easy techniques and strategies that ANYONE can use to help their finances regardless of income. So many ‘create wealth’ books only give practical advice for those who already have comfortable incomes. This books puts things in perspective for people of all income types and gives encouragement that regardless of income you can create realistic attainable goals. Fun, quick read to the point and easy to use techniques.”

“This book is so simple, so down to earth, so REAL. Yes folks, as much as I wanted something that was going to tell me how to magically manifest millions of dollars, I came to this which gave me the real tools and techniques that actually work.”

Synopsis: Ms. Jones humorously talks about finances and budgets like she talks about diets. Almost everyone needs to work on both, but prefers to avoid the topic if at all possible. This book is full of easy to read information, worksheets and baby steps for those who think budgets are too hard to follow. Learn how you can have $20k in your pocket in 10 years. Highly recommended for anyone thinking (and/or stressing) about their money.

ISBN-13: 978-1463728007 $9.95 (paperback)
ISBN-10: 146372800X $2.99 (e-book)

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