It is a scene out of a sheer horror flick, and lived by thousands in the country….
Hunched over your desk, late at night on April 14th, drowning in a pile of papers and forms, receipts and notes, trying to make heads or tails of dividends, interest, capital gains, losses, deductions, credits, and exemptions you are entitled to in order to pay as little tax as possible, shuffling through 87 pages of instructions to fill out a two page 1040 tax form, you have just transformed into ….

Don’t worry, don’t worry *holding hand up* I have been known to slay a few zombies in my life, and I am here to help.

First – take a deep breath. No… really – A DEEP breath, the kind that tickles your belly button and you can feel in your toes.

Second squish your shoulders up as high as they can go in your neck … tighter, tighter, tighter…. okay – RELEASE!

Finally, make tiny circles with your wrists and ankles…. change directions.

Feel better?

To feel even better, below are a few tax tricks and tips for help with the coming zombie apocalypse on April 14th, as well as some techniques for reducing a bit of the stress in your life you might be feeling.

1. Start Early! – Like now. It will give you a good solid month to check, double check and triple check your return before you send it in.

2. Charitable Contributions – There are thousands of non-profits that need your help. Any donation can be tax deductible as long as it was made sometime in 2011.

3. Did you make any major life changes? Get married? Move? Go back to school? Make energy saving improvements on your house? Start your own business? All of those events qualify for deductions.

4. Do you have investments? Don’t forget it when doing your returns, lots of good deductions.

The only difference between the tax man and the taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin. ~ Mark Twain

Still feel like the money monster is out to get you? My book will help. I promise. You should buy it.

Still stressed?
Stress Sucks.
We all know it does.
Below are four easy tricks to reduce some stress in your life.

1. Breathe – It’s so easy, but we totally forget that we need to breathe to stay functioning at our optimum levels. Take 10-20 minutes a day and sit quietly doing nothing but focusing on your breathing. Inhale and release.

2. Balance – Keep your elements (earth, water, air and fire) in balance! Take a few minutes and connect to these elements to gain better health, vitality and wellness. There are more details in my book HERE.

3. Endorphin Release – This means Move! Dance! Run! Have Sex (Orgasms are a great endorphin release)! With nicer weather on the way, there are thousands of parks just begging to have their trails used again!

4. Relax – There is really nothing better than a soak in a hot tub, massage, or resting for just a little bit in a sauna.

Buy this. It will guide you through reducing the stress in your life in an easy step by step way.


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