Stress is at the root of it.

Stress is a Holistic problem, and we need holistic answers.

Most people suffer and treat symptoms with what is ‘wrong’ with them without ever addressing the root problem.


No two people respond to stress triggers in the same way, each reaction varies based upon their upbringing, triggers, mental and emotional state, past injuries (physical, mental and emotional) and a host of other factors. Symptoms can manifest as everything from headaches to insomnia, anxiety to a chronic upset stomach, moodiness and depression to heart attacks and strokes. If left ‘unchecked’, Stress can and will effect every single part of your life.

When I was younger, I swam competitively for sixteen years in addition to playing volleyball in high school and eventually college. The transition from participant to coach was a natural and easy one, coaching each sport for 4+ years afterwards. The same could be said for how I started a ‘stress management’ business (writing books, teaching classes and doing one-on-one coaching). The truth is, I don’t handle stress well. I suffer tremendously in my body from past athletic injuries and car/motorcycle wrecks. My emotions and moods become unstable when I am overtaxed or triggered (due to a long-standing battle with PTSD). Overall, my body, mind and emotions are sensitive to external stress-inducing factors. This is something I will have to address every day for the rest of my life.

Knowing this about myself, I search far and wide for holistic practicers (read: not a doctor quick to start prescribing unnecessary medication. Read further: Not a doctor who is a pawn of prescription drug companies). I needed a doctor who address problems and doesn’t just treat symptoms.

In Seattle, Washington, I have found this in Dr. Christopher Hill at New Balance Chiropractic in Seattle Washington. Dr. Hill is not only personable and friendly, but the first question he asks when sitting down with you is: “What is going on in your life?” and then LISTENS to what you have to say. From the very beginning, he wants to know the story, the reason, the triggering problem – not just the symptom, before he even considers prescribing ‘treatment’. I think it is because his own personal story is pretty incredible (read it on his website here). With the help of Dr. Hill, I am currently addressing some long term health problems I have had, with the added bonus of tangible, measurable goals going forward. I am truly thankful I found him. In addition to being a great Holistic practitioner and Chiropractic doctor, he speaks fluent spanish and does a (free) weekly health and wellness radio show. The man is service in the flesh. He absolutely lives an example of giving back to the community by providing health care to thousands of people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. If anyone deserves your patronage and support, it is this man who will give it back ten-fold.

If you are in Portland, Oregon, I would highly recommend Karin Edwards the Portland Rolfer for Structural Integration. Especially if you are working through mobility issues. She helped me in assisting a self-healing process which included breaking up scar tissue which was impairing my mobility. She is kind, gentle and well-educated in how small changes in your body can lead to a greater overall health. She offers classes on a regular basis and is doing a FREE Rolfing clinic for children in May.

Please support these local practitioners who are passionate about their work and are tremendous assets to our communities.

If you have a holistic or naturopathic doctor that has helped you deal with stress-induced problems, please feel free to leave their contact info and why you recommend them in a comment.

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One thought on “Stress is at the root of it.

  1. I totally agree : stress is quite a horrible killer to us. I’m just happy that I came across tai chi and kung- fu because I deal with it so much better 😉 Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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