Coffee is my whipping boy.

I am going to start this post by saying

I love it in all of its shapes and sizes. I love that it never judges me, doesn’t care about those extra couple of pounds, or even if my socks match my shirt. I love that it is ALWAYS THERE when I need a warm hug.
Coffee will stay up with me all night watching movies, it will go out dancing with me, it won’t care what I look like ‘the morning after’, and is Always happy to see me.
Coffee is… in fact, the best boyfriend ever.
I’ve been thinking of cutting back.
So, what do I do? I go around and search on the internet of all the harmful effects…. Here is what I found (full disclosure – I have no idea if any of this is true… I found it on the internet after all):

On Cholesterol
*Coffee consumption is a major contributor to the variation in levels of total cholesterol, of sedentary middle-aged men.
*Increases blood pressure
*Increases Heart rate
*Aggravates coronary heart disease, related to heart attacks by interfering with fatty acid and glucose balances in the blood. 1-5 cups of coffee daily increases the risk of heart attack by 60%. 6 or more cups a day risk is increased to 120%

On the Stomach
*Two small cups stimulates acid secretion and irritate the stomach lining for more than an hour and longer in people with ulcers, therefore will interfere with the healing of ulcers or assist int he development of ulcers. There is a five times higher incidence of stomach cancer in peopel who consume more than 5 cups daily.

On The Adrenal Gland
*This is important for those of you who follow my ‘stress-reducing’ tactics*
The adrenal gland is the controller of our nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is our rest and repair mode and the sympathetic nervous system is our fight flight response mode. Caffeine stimulates the epinephrine and norepinephrine hormones to bring about the “caffeine high” turning on the sympathetic nervous system. If this happens too often, the gland becomes exhausted and will eventually be unable to react appropriately to stress. The “caffeine high” briefly increases mental speed for the type of thinking required in mathematics but impairs motor coordination. This effect may last up to 3 hours.

Mutagenic Effect
Caffeine breaks (splits) chromosomes of cells and interferes with the repair of DNA. This inhibits the body’s ability to heal itself. (Think Wolverine in X-Men, but backwards)

Other Random Coffee Info:
*Caffeine belong to the same alkaloid group as morphine, nicotine, cocaine and strychnine.
*Been called the ‘bad habit glue’, increasing urges in users for the consumption of alcohol and nicotine.
*Caffeine is one of 273 poisonous alkaloids in coffee

My conclusion:
According to the internet, coffee is bad for you.
But, that doesn’t make me want to quit drinking it.
Besides, everything on the internet is a lie anyway, right?


3 thoughts on “Coffee is my whipping boy.

  1. Every true coffee addict has a love/hate relationship with this drug.

    (Yes, I called it a drug. it’s my favorite drug.)

    As with any other vice, the key is not abstinence. It is: BALANCE.

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