Today, in short, was interesting.
A short experience this morning in which my reflection showed someone who needs more balance.

For the past couple months, I have been solely focused on writing. And, when I’m not writing/working, I’m beating myself up for not writing/working. Agonizing over moments of writers block, rather than just taking a time out to do something else.

It was this morning which showed me that, while yes, I do need to continue to write, I also need to take time out and serve. Serve not only myself on a deeper level, but also serve others.

I forgot that.

Service is a big part of why I left a corporate life. Service is a big part of why I was involved with esoteric/spiritual studies and practices for so long. Service is a large part of my life and yet, here I am, not serving myself which translates in not serving others.

Thanks to this experience and reflection this morning, I realized, balance needs to be restored.

Thanks Universe.
I am paying attention.


2 thoughts on “Balance.

  1. Today was a good day for balance. I felt sick and took a nap in the middle of my workday; spent some time on Pinterest, getting inspired, and then put out a big huge sales video proposal.

    I had to ask myself, “Was today a failure because I didn’t have my nose to the grindstone?”

    That’s a stupid question. We need balance, right?

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