Stress-Free Friday Freebie

Happy Stress-Free Friday!
Today is a freebie day. Six stress reduction approaches that are easy to learn, simple to use and powerful in their effect.
They’ll help you get back in control of your life, and you don’t even have to buy my book.

1. Schedule Time Every Day To Center Yourself: A few times a day, stop and take a moment to gather yourself. There are many approaches for this. Here you become still, focus on your breathing, relax your muscles, and manage your mind. This gives you a centered, calm focus for your next activity.

2. Focus On Your Breath: When I used to coach volleyball (and swimming – especially) the first area I work on is their breath control. Notice your breathing, are you breathing shallow? Deepen it up.

3. Know What You Can Control: Make a list of those things you can control, those things partially in your control, and those things out of your control. As you go through your day, let go of those things that you have no control over.

4. Develop The Gratitude Attitude: What are you thankful for? Everyone has people and activities in their life that are good, beautiful, and valuable. Every day make note of this and be thankful.

5. Hit The Reset Button: Just as your computer needs to be rebooted often, your brain needs a reboot. Hit the reset button daily or you will gum up your mental RAM. Take a break, change activities, be with loved ones, or do nothing but meditate. Clear out the junk in your mind, so you can come back refreshed.

6. Start Your Day With Quiet: Clear your mind, quiet your emotions, and let your muscles relax. There is nothing better in the morning but quiet silence, coffee and a few songs from the birds.

The prime concept in stress reduction is to know what you can control, and what you cannot. With the help of a stress management specialist (THAT’S ME!) you can learn a wide array of stress reduction strategies that can help you feel more in control of what happens to you.

Reclaim the power in your life. Contact me for more information on how reducing your stress can improve your life, or check out the books for sale in my shop.



2 thoughts on “Stress-Free Friday Freebie

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