It’s the symptom, not the problem.

Welcome to Money Monday, and our frank discussion today about Debt.

First, let’s be clear. Debt is the symptom, not the problem. Debt is the tummy-ache caused by too much candy and the only way to cure the tummy-ache is not by eating a handful of Tums, but to immediately stop eating candy!
(Even though you have a sweet tooth and it tastes sooo good)

It is simple really. Money problems result from a combination of excessive spending or insufficient income. AND, excessive spending and insufficient income are caused by life habits. That is why debt and credit problems are so difficult to resolve for most people. It is a personal life problem masquerading as a financial problem. You look for financial solutions but they don’t exist because you’re looking in the wrong place.

Everybody knows the cure for debt and credit problems is to make more money or reduce spending. That is the basic premise for budgeting, Duhh! So what? Getting it done is the surprisingly difficult part because the solution looks financial but is actually personal. Of course it is! (This is why you buy that latte every morning instead of saving that $4, Because, you are a complex human being and the latte makes you FEEL good).

You are an emotionally based person with wants and desires which are reflected in a rational currency based economy. The only way to stop the ‘tummy-ache’ is to address the emotional issues which started it in the first place. That doesn’t mean you have to deny your desires for that snickers bar every once in a while, but BALANCE is the key!

So commit to your growth and freedom! Make this year the year you finally break the bonds of consumerism and debt slavery. Make this year the greatest year of personal growth and freedom you have ever had. And, if you need help, I’m just a click away.


3 thoughts on “It’s the symptom, not the problem.

  1. Miss Jones, you have a way of making it understandable to me, thank you. Though it seems that if the debit has any interest tacked on then it is necessary to both cut spending and raise income in order to succeed at eliminating the debt. Now I'm going to ponder this over a cup of home brewed Pete's 🙂

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