No Clutter, No Stress, No Problem

Most people have a little here and there. But, unfortunately, there is a large percentage of people who avoid going home because of it. In a world where you experience plenty of stress from jobs, relationships, finances, fear, etc, why put another undue burden upon yourself?

When you come home from working in the scary world ‘out there’ you should enter a refuge, somewhere which is safe from the demands outside. (This goes back to our reptilian brain of being chased by tigers and seeking refuge in our cave. For a shameless plug and more on the chasing tigers of stress, check out my book *HERE*)

Don’t come home to a place which causes you additional stress!

Just sitting in a cluttered room can create stress in two ways. First, in cerebral terms, too much information for the eye to process is stressful on the brain. Second, in practical terms, it is a visual reminder of how much work you have to do to get your house clean.

Living in a cluttered or messy home can create a constant low-grade stress and subtly put a drain on your energy. Speaking of energy, the 3000 year old Chinese practice of Feng Shui specifically addresses the issue of energy in the home. *Click Here* For more basic information on Feng Shui and Stress Relief. Or just ‘Google it‘ and get lost in the land of inter-webbing.

Any way you cut it, the conclusion is the same: MESS MEANS STRESS!

My good friend Nye (who does amazing things with computers: **Click here** and inspired me this week) recently posted up that he was going to stay ‘decluttered’ for 2012. And instead of just proclaiming it, he found an awesome calendar which addressed an area of clutter for every single day of the year. (Check it out here)

I think it is pretty ingenious.

De-Cluttering doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive (you don’t need those 50 clear plastic tubs), or time consuming. Just a few minutes a day will, over time, save your sanity and your stress level.


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