2012 = The end of the world, Zombies and Never Giving Up.

Soooooo…… Happy 2012 to everyone.

Is it the end of the world yet?
(Click here if video doesn’t load)

According to the video, it doesn’t look like it (although I question what kind of Kool-Aid the guy was drinking when he made the video).

But…. either way, you should be prepared for a Zombie Apocolpse…. just in case.
(I want this… **click** for uhm, disaster preparedness (I wear size medium)…. consider it a birthday present.)

Zombies are rascally little critters. Kind of like depression.
Depression is rascally…
…and will eat your brain.
Like a zombie.
Depression = Zombie

Recently, Jenny Lawson, a woman who I admire (not just for her writing, but also for her humor) ‘came out’ so to speak, about her secret battle with depression and self-harm.

Read it here: The Fight Goes on.

Since she has posted, she has received thousands of comments and messages in support of her, her battle and her bravery. She had letters come in from family members of people who suffer from depression and even a woman who was going to commit suicide and decided against it because of her bravery in her post. *Read Here* Not just bravery, but also her strength in NEVER GIVING UP.

Since then, she has started the Silver Ribbon Project.
Twitter has exploded with the hashtag #silverribbon
You can support all those who fight in silence by wearing, *painting*, pinning or gluing a silver ribbon to yourself…. and we will know.
(You can also go *here* or *here* to buy one and support the Traveling Red Dress Project).

Until then:
Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle….
…… especially against Zombies.


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