Hasta la bye bye 2011

2011 has been intense.
As I make the rounds online looking at status updates and tweets, I find that most people are ready to say goodbye to 2011, and have some ubiquitous hope for 2012.
Are you complete with 2011?
I am.

My friends, my dear followers and readers of this blog, I have a wish for you….

I hope 2012 stomps you right in the face.

I hope it brings to you the most amazing, epic, cash-filled, gluttonously, deliciously, shenanigan-filled year ever.

I hope you are tackled with ecstatic happiness, knocked over with great times, I hope you push your boundaries and start those adventures that you never thought possible. I hope you jump crazily out of your comfort zone into the unknown of awesome-sauce.

I will and already have some big big plans for 2012.

Don’t worry, 2012 is not the end of the world…. It’s only the beginning.

Whatever you decide to do, Make the most of it!
Cheers and Happy New Year everyone!

p.s. Be safe out there party-people. AAA is offering free, safe rides home. 1-800-222-4357. Dont drive drunk/buzzed. Pass it on.

p.p.s. And always remember: Don’t sweat the petty things and never pet the sweaty things.


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