The end of Gluttony

It’s Money Monday, and also the day after Christmas.
The day after a gluttonous day of spending. Spending on presents, spending time with family and friends and spending many hours lifting a fork into your mouth eating delicious food (which you probably wouldn’t normally eat the rest of the year – like cookies. I love cookies).

It seems as though the holidays have become an excuse for gluttony. Although, my hope and wish for you is that you planned, did a budget, stuck to your diet, and spent the proper amount of time with your friends and family.
If you didn’t do things how you wanted, you can always start NOW!
Don’t wait until New Years, get a head start on the wagon today!

If you blew your budget for Christmas, (or maybe didn’t even set one, but now are looking at January 1 with horror and dread) I recommend this:

With perfect tips, tricks and a step by step budget guide, it is the perfect way to get your finances in order for 2012. (And it is #25 on Amazon’s best seller list for Budgeting and Personal Finance!)

Click around for more tips and tricks on recovery from:
Gluttony (get a bit more balance)
Money Management (budget)
Stress (Life doesn’t have to be difficult)
SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
A video to make you laugh….
cute kitteh’s for fun… ‘cuz cute kittehs dancing to Michael Jackson makes everyone happy.


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