Stress-Free Stimulation

I have found one of the things in my life which stress me out is overstimulation. It could be clutter in a room or cubicule I am trying to work in, it could be a messy house, it could be a tv which is up to loud in the background, and don’t even get me started on the christmas jingles and mall noise which seems to be overtaking the season like a pack of Christmas-infected rabid santa-zombies.

But then… then I read this article on Huffington Post (Here), and started to question… was my stress really stress, or was it anxiety? Was it a physical response, or was it my OCD/PTSD getting a bit out of control? Then I thought…. if I was a Zebra, would I have an ulcer??

The answer…

No, my life is not in danger if the room is a mess and there is obnoxious music playing. No my life is not in danger when the dishes aren’t done and everything isn’t ‘in it’s place’. It is a psychological fear reaction which is happening deep in the neurocortex’s of my brain.

But, I sure as hell am a lot happier when things are clean and calm and tidy. And, when I am happy, I am less likely to stab someone. So, as a Christmas present to you, I will be staying out of the malls for the next three weeks. Consider yourself safe.
Happy Holidays/Yule/Kwanza/Ramadan/PickYourPoison.

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