Barbie, Darwin and Paintballs – it’s all here.

I was having this conversation the other day, about how, in America in particular, we are becoming more and more sterilized from the dirty, rough, messy, amazing thing that is called life.

Helmets are required to ride a bike or skateboard, seatbelts are required in cars, there is OSHA at work, TSA in airports, Gun Safety, and even instructions on how to WALK SAFELY!.

…And dont’ get me started on the sterilization of the body. Shaving/waxing/boob jobs/vaginal rejuvenation. Don’t touch each other, don’t spread germs, don’t.. don’t… don’t. Soon we are going to start looking like the Ken and Barbie dolls all wrapped up in plastic bubbles.

(Sometimes I really miss Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection.)

I have this theory that we (in America) have (or are quickly becoming) sterilized: from our food crops, the internet, and television programming. We sterilize the education we give our children (have you read “Lies my Teacher Told Me” by Sociologist James Loewen? It is amazing and everyone should read it.), with the tragic result of becoming distant and isolated from each other.

Well, sorry to disappoint you with the truth, but Life is Messy.
Our bodies are hairy, we bleed and poop and barf. We need to be touched and snuggled and pet and loved. It’s natural. It’s called LIFE.

I say:
Enjoy the Messy and Celebrate the disasters!

In India, they celebrate the festival of colors Holi once a year, and throw paint at each other.
Watch it here. It is AMAZING!

(Note: The reporter talks about inclusion, about how he wishes there was something like this in the West. This is something that families can do together, bringing them together in a very hands-on, interactive way.)

Now I want to show up at Christmas dinner with Paintballs…..

p.s. This year Holi is the 8th and 9th of March. Who wants to go with me?!


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