Money Monday Makes Merry Mortals.

It seems as though lately, money makes everyone happy. A little more money just makes things a little bit easier, smoother, nicer and more beautiful.

As idealistic as I might be about the fact that ‘The Universe will provide’ or ‘There is always enough’, the cold hard facts remain.
Money is a form of barter/exchange that EVERYONE agrees upon.
You need money.

So, in honor of Manic Monday, here are a few ‘Money Monday Madness’ tips for you.

*Budges are a lot like diets, everyone needs to do it, but no one wants to talk about it.

*A budget will determine whether you have money at the end of the month, or month at the end of the money.

*It doesn’t matter if you budget $10 or $10,000,000 the only difference in a budget is where the decimal point lands. (Even Oprah famously stated that she signs every single check she writes.)

Need more?

More assistance on budgeting and personal money management.

Need personal assistance? (click here)

Have more complicated questions about your secret stacks of cash buried in your backyard? These guys can help.

And… Click here for instant happiness.


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