So, I should probably post something useful.

Since it is Stress-Free Friday and all, I should probably post something up that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Considering the sky continues to get a little bit more grey and the air is so cold it’s snapping at you saying ‘nuh uh sista-friend, you get your butt back inside and put on a coat!’.

It’s been a busy week and it doesn’t seem to be letting up now since Holiday season is in full swing. Hustle, bustle, go here, go there, eat this, drink this, meet this person (be nice and shake hands), and don’t forget to buy that gift. It is no wonder that people are starting to catch the cold/flu that is going around. Here are some tips to hopefully keep you healthy during all this hustle and bustle.

Use hot hot water, soap and then dry your hands with a disposable paper towel (cloth dish towels are just little germ houses, multiplying like gremlins sprinkled in water after midnight). By the way, it might not be a bad idea to pocket a little travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer. I love that stuff. and one more thing… QUIT TOUCHING YOUR FACE!

Fact: Emotional stress weakens the immune system.If you are overly stressed for a long period of time, you are at a much greater risk of getting sick. So, sleep a little bit longer today, go to bed a little bit earlier. Put some lavender oil on your shoulders and neck and just chill out!

Have you ever seen a fish sneeze? Yeah, my point exactly. Drink plenty of water (or non-caffinated, healthy-for-you type of drink-stuffs). The liquids help flush toxins out of your body. The other thing that helps flush bad germs out…. sweating. So, figure out how you are going to do that. Exercise, sauna, sexy-times, whatever it is – and get sweating!
I know that 24-Hour Fitness is offering a great deal right now. Get in before the New Year when prices go up!

For more tips on how to keep well this winter, click HERE.

For more info on reducing stress, clickity clack HERE.

For something Random and Awesome which has nothing to do with stress or colds but will make you feel good when you see it, click here.


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