I was an Economist.

After 14 years in finance, I left the industry. To the shock and horror of many of my friends and family. I mean, I was making great money, had health insurance, retirement, etc, etc, etc.
But something changed.
Something which is outlined very clearly in this video.

Like many others, I have found the intensity of my happiness is tied to my desire for Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. A desire that in one small way, my life MEANS something. The work that I do CHANGES things for the better.

The point is, there is no amount of money that would bribe a craftsman to turn his or her back on their own desire to grow. Growth is the natural order of things. Working on yourself, doing things that you decide to do, when you decide to do them will not only make you better, but will also feed passion into your life. More passion means more happiness. More happiness equals a better world.

We all have this intrinsic 3rd grade desire to ‘Show and Tell’. Show and tell things that we did, accomplishments that we made, sharing our steps of personal fulfillment and purpose. And yet we are all so worried about jobs and money and silly details that we miss the big picture. The picture of growth, of having fun, of letting go and being free to do and create those things in which truly ‘disrupts’ the status quo and makes you intrinsically happy.

So, perhaps, just for today:
Start thinking outside the box.
Don’t worry so much about money.
Make something awesome that will change the world.
Then give it away for free.

An intense model of ‘Pay it Forward’ perhaps. There are more than enough people in the world, that if we lived our lives in this idea of paying it forward, noone would be without food, shelter, clothing, transportation or… or… the most important TIME for PERSONAL GROWTH!

So, in the vein of this new business model. I will not worry about book sales, marketing, writing (unless I enjoy it) and give away a Free SIGNED Copy of any one of my books to any one person who wants one, for the next 24 hours. All you have to do is comment on this blog. A thought, idea, reaction or just a statement telling me I am a left-wing socialist nut job. Whatever it is.

One comment.
One book.

and… Pay it Forward.


One thought on “I was an Economist.

  1. Such a timely and poignant post for myself. As you know, I too quit my job – jumping headfirst into the unknown. I had/have no job lined up, but my soul is beginning to speak louder than ever before in support of finding a different way of life.I believe that time is energy, as is money. Therefore I would gladly pay someone for their energy – if it is of value to me. That said, money is not the only kind of energy exchange. A kind word, a hug, a glowing review, a gift of another's time, etc can all have intangible benefits that I value much more than money."Money can't buy me love."Keep up the good work, hon. You, your friendship, and your teachings are something I highly value and have benefitted my life in many tangible and intangible ways.

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