Welcome to Stress-Free Friday!

Today, I’m starting a new weekly column:
Stress-Free Friday

I thought about this while laying in bed this morning because of the Holiday season. Last night I drove around for almost 30 minutes looking for a parking spot to go to the movie. By about 25 minutes into looking, I was spitting and cursing and grumbling. It was very festive.

Little did I know that ‘Santa’s Workshop’ opened last night and there were people waiting in a line that went over 2 blocks long to see Santa. I was defeated by damn Santa and his workshop.

The Holiday season is a season of heightened emotions, heightened expectations, and heightened pressures from family and friends to go here, do this, come to this party, eat this, drink this and from retailers the ever present ‘buy this’ jingle. It is the perfect storm for stress-inducing events. Here are a few tips which might help you make it through the holi-daze just a little bit more sanely.

Be Realistic! The holidays don’t have to be perfect, or just like last year. People change and grow, the holiday celebrations will too! Remain open to trying new things, new rituals or even new ways of gathering together with family. Last year I spent Thanksgiving with my sister via video Skype. It can be done! Sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

Do (and stick to) a budget! Don’t add to the stress of the Holidays by running out of money. By doing a simple budget and sticking to it, it will save a lot of heartache come January 1st when Rent/Mortgage is due. For more help on budgeting, please check out my book HERE which will guide you through the process.

Finally – and most importantly – Do something nice for yourself!
In this season of ‘giving’ we can sometimes give so much it leaves us exhausted and emotionally empty. Be sure this year you schedule something nice for yourself, it doesn’t have to be expensive (although I would recommend AGAINST an edible ‘treat’). Pedicures can be enjoyed by men and women alike and only cost around $20. Aromatherapy and spending 30 minutes in a dry-sauna (available at most salons/spa’s for an hourly rate of between $10-$30) will do wonders for your mental and physical health and well-being.

For more in-depth ways to reduce your stress on a daily basis, please do not hesitate to reference my book on Overcoming Stress.


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