Paper seduces me.

There is something so alluring, so beautiful, so seductive and so romantic about a book. There is something about the crisp paper dancing on my fingertips, the allure of the turning of the pages. It has not been without struggle, but the romance has finally arrived. Today, I am very happy to announce my books are available in Paperback! They are currently available through my shop, and will be available for purchase through by the first week of December.

But, for you, special readers of my blog, a DISCOUNT for you! If you would like the Wealth book, order HERE and use this discount code –>U85DMR8R for $2 off!


More for your Purchasing Pleasure (It is the holidaze after all):
There is a little cult leader in all of us.

Wear this in case of bad decisions.

Beautiful handmade baubbles. Vaunt to flaunt.

For your entertainment:
A warning to starfish – RUN little Starfish RUN!(Spongebob is next).

A tech-savy Kitteh


for those of you who have made it this far and are curious what I am going to throw at you next… I hope you aren’t scared of clowns.


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