A Tasty Nugglet

How to Overcome Stress.

“There is a billion-dollar industry flourishing on this ‘Stress-Monster’. Our friendly night-stalking-ninja-boogyman is the number one industry in the civilized world. It is the cause of 70-90% of all doctor’s visits, and costs Great Britain alone over $600 million dollars last year, in the USA, over $300 BILLION! From anti-anxiety medication, accidents to just plain ol’ lethargy, Stress SUCKS!

How many times have you woke up with a migraine and called in sick to work? Do you have early symptoms of diabetes, ulcers or high blood pressure? Acne, weight gain or loss? Inability to concentrate, memory loss? How many weekends have you spent watching movies, reading books, surfing the net or playing video games just to escape? Everyone at one time or another has had a sign or symptom of being stressed. No wonder the word ‘stress’ is overused enough to make me barf.

Remember that ‘self-help’ buffet at Barnes & Noble? Amazon alone lists over 5,000 books for you to choose from just to ‘manage’ your stress. I have probably read half of those books and I find them uuuuber dry, boring and absolutely chock full of great information that I never used. Assuming you have figured out that the physical ailments you are suffering from are actually from stress, are you actually going to go to that 5am yoga class and chant ‘OOOHHHHMMMMMM’ for an hour?


But, I doubt it.

What other crazy non-practical stress reduction therapies have you tried?

Just take a minute and think about it.

Now, add it up.

Wouldn’t you like to save money, feel better, be more productive, and *GASP* actually be happy? Oh yes, it’s true, it can happen, and for the one time investment of just $99.99 in ten easy installments sent directly to my paypal account… I will send you the magic pill….. oh wait…wrong infomercial.

Seriously though. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magic pill, no running, and no hiding. Stress is a multi-headed monster even Jason and the Argonauts couldn’t slay. It is just the natural result of being alive and coming into contact with other living beings. Congratulations! You are alive.

But now what?


and now… for an excellent review:
“Ms. Jones tackles these topics with a light touch using her smart and witty sense of humor, making it a very friendly and easy to understand book. She writes like she is a good friend giving you a piece of advice over coffee. This is an easy to digest book that is chock-full of excellent tactics, ideas, and strategies to live a life with less stress.”

Get your copy today!


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