… and I thought that I was done posting….

I thought I was done posting about the Occupy movement. I thought that somehow the conversations would start and the police brutality would end. By some magical wave of the ‘Scott Olson‘ wand, I mistakenly thought that unprovoked beatings would end.
They haven’t.

An abridged version:

Raw Footage:

This sickens me.

Will it have to come to a ‘Kent State moment’ before the world wakes up to the heavy hand that is unfairly being placed upon our country’s citizens? I thought we already had this moment? Didn’t the events in Oakland teach us anything?

The police in this video are repeatedly beating students, students who are standing there. Students who are not throwing anything, punching anyone, defacing property or putting anyone else at risk. It is during daylight, they are unmasked and unarmed. These students are … wait for it….
They are expressing their First Amendment right of Freedom of Speech and Assembly. And yet, it is students who are trapped between the solid wood baton of police and an immovable bush.

What happened to protecting the citizens of this great land who pay taxes which pay the police salaries?

Call the fucking Marines, at least they have taken an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

P.S. A very Happy Birthday to the Marine Corp today!


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