Life is messy (continued), kind of like Childbirth.

Seems as though the messyness of my life is a regular occurrence.
I like to think of bad days as messy rather than ‘being depressed’ or ‘in a hole’ or what-have-you (which, all are applicable to today). ‘Messy’ in my spinning little mind seems have less of the negative connotation to me. Because, life, in general, is messy. And, there are times (like now) in which I EMBRACE the complete mess.

But, take a second, think about this idea of messy existence. The universe was just one big mess of chaos before the ‘big bang’.

And the mere existence and creation of a human is messy from the beginning. Sex is the best when it is disasterously messy, not to mention the nine months in utero then…. childbirth. Seriously, have you seen/experienced childbirth…. not exactly a clean adventure. So, if your entire existence on this planet starts in one great natural mess, then for the rest of your life… a mess is easy. It’s natural.
By the way, on a side-note, DO NOT look up videos of childbirth on YouTube. If you have never seen childbirth or experienced it… there is a reason why. Seriously. Don’t do it.
(and if you do, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you – there are some things that should be left unseen).
So, today I’m going to embrace my inner messiness.
Watch out world.

PS. -> Also, on the note of childbirth – congratulations to my cousin who just gave birth to the first Great Grandbaby of the family. Meet Dominic.

He’s cute.
If you are into the whole messy baby thing.


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