NANOWRIMO – No big change, just more snippits.

No big update or big word numbers to add today, but here is another snippit I was working on.


She didn’t understand what he meant, and as she was gasping for air her movements were becoming less violent. Her body was jerking and trembling. She heard the blood pounding in her ears. Her lungs were on fire. Her head was splitting. Tiny little flash bulbs began popping in front of her eyes.

and he kept squeezing.

She thought,

This is it.

More flashes, brighter, growing in size, filling her vision. And then, between the flashes, blackness. Small patches of blackness between the flashes of light. The blackness grew. It slowly overwhelmed the flashes of light, slowly replaced them. The darkness grew until it was all that was left. Darkness. Pure blackness.

And silence.
Total, complete silence. She was enveloped in blackness. Soft. Velvety. Black. She was floating in it. Floating free with no pain, no fear. Just silence, stillness and total blackness.

Death was deliciously welcomed


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