"Kids need Jobs" – No, actually we don’t.

In the past few months, I have been asked, “What are you doing?” and have been told, “You need to get a job.”
A Job?
Let’s see…. with an MBA, I’m sure there are plenty of ‘jobs’ out there for me that I am qualified for that will pay a living wage ….
Here are (in no particular order) the most popular Help Wanted ads currently listed AND as a bonus… what they pay (with the caveat that all listings and pay depend on experience):

Caregiver (In home healthcare) – $15/hr
Mechanical Engineer – (not listed)
Software Engineer – (not listed)
Childcare Assistant – ($8-$10/hr)
Sales Associate – ($8-$10/hr)
Service Industry (Waitress/Bartender/Hostess) – ($8-$10/hr)
Administrative/Office Assistant – ($10-15/hr)
Massage Therapist – This one is tricky, but appx 20-30% of total of massage, plus commission on sales of products.

Anything look appealing to you?

What happened to the ideal of doing a job you are passionate about? What happened to the encouragement we got as kids to ‘be anything you want to be’? Instead, now, we are pressured to ‘get a job’, ‘get a house’, ‘get married’, ‘have kids’, work work work work.

Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. Most of the people my age (including myself) are done believing the lies. We are done being Zombies. If that means we have regressed back into our own personal 6 year olds, to dream and do what we love, then so be it.

Frankly, not ‘getting a job’ is much more satisfying. It encourages personal empowerment, choice, cooperation and community building. It puts human interaction and connection above a bottom line. It supports an idea that everyone is responsible for not only themselves, but also for their brothers, neighbors and friends. It encourages sustainable thinking, problem solving, inclusivity, and eliminates unnecessary waste.

Bottom line: I would rather write than do any of the ‘jobs’ listed above to increase the bottom line for someone else. I would rather go without the luxuries in life (a car, a home, healthcare, retirement) so I can live passionately doing what I love.
For me, every day is an Adventure.
Every day is a choice.
And that…. the ability to choose, is POWER.

Have you ever stopped for two minutes and really thought about what you are doing and why?
Did you consciously make the decisions that have brought you to this point in your life?
Or did you make them in a ‘zombie state’ because that is what you were ‘supposed to do’?

You know, it’s not too late.
Begin your Adventure.


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